Cheating and Harrasment

Location/place: Guskara/Bardhman

Name of company/service: Ticketgenie Indian Pvt Ltd,Bangalore

I have booked 4 (four) tickets worth Rs 2000 plus Rs 60 for courier charge on 17th Feb. for IPL T20 match hold on 16th March at Kolkata through website and I got the confirmation number immediately through email.When I emailed them on 26th Feb. asking for tickets,they replied me that My tickets are confirmed and I will get them atleast 2-3 days before the event. They also told me that as soon as my tickets were dispatched they would also email me the courier reference no. to track the courier .
Now, when I phoned them on 13th March (Saturday) they told me that I will get my tickets on 15th March as 14th March is Sunday (Off Day).
But I haven’t received it on Monday either. Then I again phoned them at evening, this time they told me that my tickets were not booked and they gave me excuse about server problem. I told them about confirmation number I had but they could not give me the fruitful reply and they asked for refund.
Sir, I had my first wedding anniversary this month and my wife demanded wedding gift as to see Mr. Saurav Ganguly as a person as she is a die hard fan of him. Therefore I booked the match between KKR and CSK as myself is also fan of Mr. M S Dhoni. We had also made bet that one who won will have to bear all the expenses for tickets and dinner at that night. But due to their fault all the dream went in vain.
Therefore I want compensation against this mess up done by the company. They had continuously kept me in dark for one month giving false assuarence.
Ticketgenie India Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore based company and I live in small town near Kolkata. I had regularly visited cyber café for booking and checking email. Also I had used STD to call them .
Therefore I want Rs 100000 compensation against these mental and physical harassment.
My phone no- 09434670188
My Email Id- [email protected]
Company Address-
Ticketgenie India Pvt Ltd
215, Bellary Road
Palace Orchard
Bangalore- 560080

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