Cheated the customer – Money not refunded

We have booked a package trip to Shantiniketan in West Bengal in Oct 2014 through this travel company. The company has sent us a payment invoice along with confirmation email that the tour is booked for Dec 26th – 28th. However, upon calling the hotel on 25th Dec, the hotel had confirmed that the payment was never made to them. Therefore there was no confirmed booking for us.

So we had no other option but to cancel the trip. The company still hasn’t refunded the full payment. It owes Rs 10,000 to us which they keep saying that they will pay since Dec 2014. This is now 4 months over and we didn’t receive the money. On top of it, they are not picking up our phone calls. So we have no clue about the refund. As we live in UK, it is really difficult to follow up specially when they are not picking up calls.

Please help us urgently on this issue and take strong step against the company to save customers.


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