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i was a registered student of mahendra classes Bhopal(M.P),preparing for ssc 2014 and enrolled in mahendra classes with a simple ssc card that provided classes for two months in 2013 and validity of my card was upto august 2013,after end of these the classes i enrolled again with a simple ssc card and started classes at mahendra institute bhopal branch durin november 2013 and again the validity of that card and the duration of classes was 3 months i.e upto february 2014.I deposited a fee of RS.3500 both times and at mahendra’s centre they told me that the actual fee for the classes was RS.3000 and the rest of RS.500 was the caution money which was supposed to be refunded at the end of the classes,i have visited mahendra’s centre a lot of times and deposited documents which they demanded for fee refund process but i havent received my total refundable fee i.e RS.1000(two separate batches) till now.Everytime i visited mahendra’s centre they topld me to come on a different date and this process repeated a lot of times i.e 10-11 times,now iam sick of doing this again and again so iam lodging this complaint and waiting for the concerned action.My roll no. was BPL0410442274.
name:himanshu singh
contact no:8962630467
email:[email protected]

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