How can you change my plan from Rs 199 and Rs 999 and then don’t revert it

Hi, I did a mobile number portability of my mobile number 9582858345 from Vodafone to Idea(Postpaid) and the Idea network got activated on 23rd Feb 2015 and when I called the represenative confirmed the Rs 199 plan in which I was having unlimited call to 1 Idea number and 200 local minutes but on the next day the Idea people changes my plan to Rs 999 and I got to know this when I got my first bill on 1st march.After calling 198 they said that you have done this and we cannot do anything about it, you have to go to the Idea store from where you have purchased the sim. I went to that store and met that person who gave me the sim, his name is VARUN and the Idea store is in Mukherjee Nagar near Batra Cinema New Delhi-110009. That person said that you have done this change but I just haven’t done anything.And then he said that we have previous complaints open on your number we cannot process any further complaints unless the previous gets over and the previous ones are in the queue for more than 1 week(don’t these request have an end date). That person VARUN stopped picking my call and is not available at the idea store and Customer care tells me to go to Idea store.I have the recording also with VARUN on this topic. My plan is not getting changed and it’s still of Rs 999. These frauds have created a loop for me. This is just not expected from IDEA. Yes, an Idea seriously can change your life.

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