Beware of Genbiotic Fruads (Payement not received)

Dear Readers,


We hereby want to draw your attention towards a fraud company naming GenBiotics based in Namakkal owned/managed by Mr. C. Krishnamoorthy (Managing Director). He also operates various other companies naming Jeevan Agro Industries, Koki Chicken etc ( As per the research online also some of these information provided by other victims). which is dealing in various poultry related products eg. Naam Cake, Mahuha cake, Guar Korma, Rice Bran, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Cotton Seed, Guar Meal etc. He generally approaches various supplier of above product and provide them PDC Cheques(Copy attached) and assure them the payment in days or a month and get material on credit but none of his cheques are honored, so be aware of these fraud people as we are one of the affected supplier by them. It has almost been a year+ of a supply but not yet received the complete payment. We are having the all the proofs of cheque and signed purchase order provided by them. Following are the contact details and address of the company. So we want to aware/alert the suppliers and manufacturer not to give material on credit to this fraud company based in Namakkal eg, Genbiotics, Jeevan Traders, Jeevan Agro Industries, Koki Chicken etc., they might approach you by some other company name also so be cautious while dealing with following people (Mr. C Krishnamoorthy (MD Jeevan Traders, Jeevan Agro Industries, Koki Chicken etc.), Mr. Manivannam (Purchase Manager , Genbiotics)) based in Namakkal district of Tamilnadu. We have tried our best to find out their all companies, contact or mail but they might use some other number or email so be cautious.

Based on my research online and also i tried to contact few more vendors, i got to know Mr. Krishnamoorthy has cheated almost 10+ vendors and payment was not processed by him. Almost everyone including me have tried our level best to get hold of him, but seems like fraud like him is still roaming free even after so many complaints.

I’ve also filled a Legal Complaint against him and that is in progress.

777, c/2 Pon Nagar, Salem Road, Namakkal, TamilNadu – 637001,
GST Number – 33AATFG9830F1Z4
Phone: 9943301199/9489956020
Name: Mr. Krishnamoorthy
Email: [email protected]

Managing Director
+91 9943301199
+91 9489956020
[email protected]

Once again would like to alert all supplier of Neem Cake, Mahuah Cake, Guar Korma, Churi, Rice brans, Sunflower, other poultry feeding material etc. that be cautious while dealing with users or customers in Namakkal and especially with above company i.e. Genbiotics, Jeevan Traders, Jeevan Agro Industries, Koki Chickens, they are truly frauds and we are not the only company affected by them there are various other companies who have supplied them the material on credit and still waiting for payment. So don’t give material to above party on credit ask for 100% advance and then dispatch the material. If you want to see the proof of our complaint please contact us on below Email, I will provide my mobile numbers on receiving your email if you are interested.

We are doing small business based out of small town of Banswara, Rajasthan, and in this difficult period of Covid-19, already suffering from lot of other problems. We have tried our best through all the Channels to communicate with Mr. C Krishnamoorthy but seems like he is big time fraud and not in mood to transfer the payment of purchased goods. I’ve also personally tried to visit the said address in Chennai but he ran away from the office address and i ended up waiting for more than a day but could not get hold of him. SO PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS FRAUD.


Navin Jain, M/s Mahalaxmi Jute Industried, Banswara, Rajasthan
Email: [email protected] for more details.


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