Balance deducted from SBI account.

Dear Sir,
On 15-02-2015 I tried to buy something on ebay, but due to an error the process was cancelled. But 888 Rs was deducted from my SBI account. An sms sent to my mobile from SBI as “Thank you for using your SBI Debit Card 459xxx0160 for a purchase worth rs888 on POS 00002960 at EBAY INDIA PAISAPAY MUMBAI IN txn#504608062613”. I could not buy the product but my balance was deducted. So I contacted ebay customer service for my refund. They registered my complain and the service request number is 1-43548726745. Customer service operator told me that the amount has been refunded on 22 february and I should wait 6 to 8 working days. I waited for 8 days but the amount was not credited to my account. Then I contacted the customer service again for help. Then they said that Ebay cannot do anything, I have to contact my bank. Then I contacted my SBI bank of Kailashahar branch. The bank mamager said that they also cannot do anything. Then I again contacted ebay. But their answer remained same. Now please tell me what should I do. And how will I have my 888 Rs back. Please reply. Please understand my condition and help me. Thanks
Kinkar Roy
email- [email protected]
Mob:- 09485062329


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  1. eBay India Avatar
    eBay India

    Dear Kinkar,

    Kindly share your eBay ID with us, so we can assist you further. Also you can visit the link for quick resolution of your query.

    Thank you.

  2. kinkar_roy Avatar

    My ebay ID is kinkar_roy

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