airtel bills sent to wrong address

I was an airtel customer until 2010. After facing poor service and exorbitant bills I got the service disconnected . Suddenly since January 2015 I have been sent bills to my address for the number 04477432055_tn. I am also receiving mobile alerts.
Airtel should know that I do not have this connection at my residence and have never used this number previously.
The only mode of communication to airtel is by using the number 121 or 198 from an existing airtel mobile or landline. I am not using airtel services and so could not complain at these numbers.
I tried to speak to the nodal officer in the number +91 9952434865 but an automated response instructs you to dial either 121 or 198.
I also spoke to the user of the number 04477432055_tn and verified that there is a user (mrs sekar) using the services and residing at a different location (chromepet) which is no where close to my residence.
Has Airtel issued the connection without address verification?
How will they collect the dues if the use defaults payment as the address is currently my residence?
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