zero reliability on videocon products

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Videocon


We would like to share with you the problem we are facing with Videocon Airconditioner.
We have purchased one 1.5 Ton Split AC in June 2007 and got a warrantee 5+1 Years and since then we are facing problems with the outdoor unit which was being informed to all concerns at Videocon as well as the dealer

Case Study
1. With in 7 Days of Purchase loud noise started coming out of outdoor unit in span of every 30 mins which continues for 5-10 mins, the same was informed to dealer & customer care. However after repeated followups some representatives came to give Demo but ignored the problem saying that every thing is Ok and there will be No Noise ever.

This noise continued for 2 Years and in mean while several complaints have been made but all in vein.

2. Compressor Failure – Till now our compressor has been replaced for 3 times i.e, once every year and each time we have to pay for the GAS refiiling charges which is required at the time of replacing compressor . Why should we pay for the gas charges when compressor is damaged which is under warantee and does 5 years warantee means that their product will stop working very frequently and customers keep on chasing service dept and then wait for repairs which takes 15-20 days each time.

Since the day of purchase our AC has not worked even a single month without giving any mental harrasments.

This year the scene worsened more. The compressor as usual again was not working and so we finally requested the company people to replace this AC, but they refused saying that let us replace it the last time after which if it troubles, they would replace the AC. We agreed, but all in vain. The AC didnt work well and so the service centre people took away the indoor unit too. They kept it for around 10 days and returned it with no good results. The swing stopped working which was earllier working fine, the flaps dont close the opening after switching off the AC which too was working fine earlier, the three bolts were misplaced by those people and above all AC gets automatically switched off after 15-20 minutes; a real torture. The sun is burning at its highest in the sky and we are sweating nicely enjoying the summers, all because of Videocon people, a company so renowned in the market.

We have taken up the matter with Videocon but no one listens except one gentleman we found in April 2010 who supported by atleast listening our problem and taking the machin for repair. However he seems to be not having support from management due to which he is yet unable to sort out the problem and this season also our Videocon AC which is installed in our Drawing Room is not working and spoiling our image as well as giving mental harrasments.

Mrs. Mehra
WZ 23 D, Manohar Park
East Punjabi Bagh
New Delhi 26

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