Wrong rate for the SIM card

We stay here in Gogol, Margao. I wanted to buy one Vodafone SIM card for my mother Mrs. Priyanka Pralhad, hence we went to a Vodafone franchise shop here in Gogol, Margao today on March 8, 2015. This Vodafone SIM card seller, sold us a Vodafone SIM card for Rs. 250. He told us that this is the minimum amount of Vodafone SIM. Also, he told us that talktime we will get is only Rs. 48/-
Now, when I enquired with the other Vodafone franchisees unfortunately after purchasing here, I have learned that only for Rs 100/- we get Vodafone SIM & that too with talktime of Rs. 75/- Now this Vodafone dealer is refusing to refund our amount.
Please help us. By this kind of activity, this Vodafone dealer is trying to give a bad name to the company.

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