wrong flight time in the air ticket

I booked my flight tickets from the web site of make my trip.com for pune to new delhi air deccan flight no 628, for 24th october 2007. on the time of booking they send me the e-ticket via e mail, which showed the flight time as 2.30 pm. when we reached the airport around 12.40 pm the air deccan staff was about to issue us a bording pass for their next banglore flight, when i told them that my ticket is for new delhi flight, no 628, they informed me that the flight was already departed on 12.30 pm. when i showed them that the departure time is 2.30 pm,with delhi arrival at 4.30 pm in my ticket they said we cant do anything as the flight is already departed and if i want a new tkt for the next day’s flight i can contact their booking window outside.no refunds as i missed the flight …which was departed 2 hrs before the time in my ticket. I was helpless with my two little kids and a sister ,as my father was already on the way to new delhi to pick up all of us. In a hurry i called my husband and booked a new ticket in the next available spice jet flight SG212(at 1.30 pm) which costed us rs 18,072. more then double of the cost we already paid to air deccan! Thanks to the credit card of my husband otherwise not everyone can have such a big amount in hand.
kindly help me to solve the problem!


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