Not Waive off extra charges (O.D.Charges)

Subject: – Not to waive off Extra charge (O. D. charge)

Respected Sir/ Madam

With honour to state that I have taken Home Loan (LBDEL – 00001074892) of Rs. 8.5 Lacks for the flat. I had given EMI of that Loan for some lime and stop, due to the reason that I had not got the possession of that flat inspite of paying the EMI of the Loan amount. Regarding this I had complaint to the near police station when telephonic threatening is done to me by your ICICI representative.

Again I told him the reason why I am failing to give the EMI.

When the possession of the flat is not given to me then I totally stop to give the EMI of the Loan Amount.

I have told a number of times to the representative of ICICI Bank, who is asking about the EMI of the Loan.

Now after the struggle when I got the possession of that flat then I am going to pay the outstanding pending amount of my loan to your branch in S.D. Tower plot No. – 7 Community Centre Sect – 8 Rohni New Delhi – 110085.

in that branch i have paid the outstanding panding EMI amount and extra charges through Bank Draft of Rs 213142.00. After that the branch officer force me to sign on Stamp paper ,where written that ” i have to pay some more extra charge of Rs Appoxi 54000.00 before 25.07.2009, only then my loan get continue as EMi”
At that time i sign that agreement otherwise they (Bank Officer)refuses me to accept the outstanding EMI Bank Draft/cheqer.

I am reqesting him so many times to waive off this Rs54000.00 extra charge.
Ispite of number of request they told me you have to pay this extra charge otherwise we cancell your approval to continue my loan as EMI.

Sir i requested u that please waive off my extra charge which the ICICI bank forcibly charge me.
This extra charge is unsatisfactory to me.
Please look in to the matter and solve my problem.

Beti Bhoo. Lakshmi
[email protected]
mob -9971289913

One thing I truly promise with you that whatever happen in past never repeated in future because now I got the possession of the flat.

I am again requested you that please continue my Loan so that I can timely paid your pending out standing amount and become faithful customer of ICICI Bank.

Thanking with the positive response.


B. Bhoo Lakshmi

Ph. 9971289913

E-mail :- [email protected]


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