Worst shopping site ever

I shopped with them in November last year. I ordered 4 items on November 28, 2014, which they promised to deliver within 14 days. The shipping charges was 400/-. The first item was delivered on December 25, 2014, and for that only product I was charged Rs 400 for shipping. I was shocked to see only 1 item getting delivered instead of 4. When asked, they said they will be delivering the rest of the items soon without any shipping charges. I mailed them again and again for the rest of the products. They delivered another item in January, 2015. I was again disappointed to receive only 1 product. I mailed them and they promised to send the rest 2 products soon. I kept on waiting as well as reminding them through mails, to which they kept on replying that my parcel would be with me in next 4-5 days. Finally on march 7, 2015, they refused to deliver the rest of the 2 products and declared that my order has been cancelled. I am so angry, I don’t know what to do with them. They have the awful customer service. They are a disgrace to their name. PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!

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