worst service providing company

I am Niharika Singh. Recently we are shifted from Angul(orrisa) to Raigarh(Chhattisgarh). I had purchased Voltas Ac from Angul and now as we are shifted to Raigarh so I called on Voltas customer care 18004254555. Firstly when I called On customer care they didnt provide me correct information nor they had registered my request for AC installation. After next 2 days agagin I called them to know when they are going to send their technitians and then they are asking for my request num which was not with me so I had registered my request an their representative gave a req num 15031400862 and asked me to wait for 24 hrs for their technitians . After 24hrs their technitian has called me at 5.00pm that he is coming for ac installation but didnt came. I wait next day for him to come but he didnt came. I had called him next morning asking him to come so he send his 2 boys for ac fitting. when they come I had given them the socket to fit then they are saying that they are not going to fit the socket. Is it some kind of joke or what they are saying that they will only fit AC and not going to fit the socket. the company should make their customer clear that what kind of services will be provided by the company and what they are including in installation. even their technitians are also misbehaving with me. is this the way to treat the customers. So I want to meake one thing very clear to the executives of the voltas that they are not providing us free of cost services, they are paid by the customers so they have to behave themselves. From the last 5 days I keep on calling to their technitian on 9425252708 but he is not coming. All the policies regarding the services are fake of this company. Its the worst service providing company I have ever seen. All I want is the AC to be installed in next 24 hrs and the executives should consider my problem.


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