Worst service and bad behavior

I have an account in corporation bank in Allahabad. I was not using this account as I had another account in different city where I used to live while doing my job. When I came back to my city (Allahabad) I visited corporation bank branch so that i can use my account again. My debit card was deactivated and my mobile number was changed so i updated my number and applied for a new card. I tried using upi with my new number but it said the same number is registered with another customer id with same account so i am not able to use any online service. One month passed but my card didn’t come. I asked bank employee about that they said it’ll come in few days. Again after 15 days i visited branch to know about my card they said you haven’t applied for the new card. Before they have already submitted my old card and now they are saying we have not your card. I told them to close my account and give my money that is only 9000 but they denied and talked very rudely.
Because of all these my 6 moths are wasted and had to tolerate so many problems apart from mental harassment.

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