Dear sir,
I have taken 21000 rupees loan through the zest money who is a partner of DMI finance dated on Order ID: 067D886B9BEC (DMI loan id – DMI0009297304). My first installment was payment via zest money app. After that, I preclosed my loan to payment directly to the lender of DMI finance (lender of Zest money) dated on 17th December 2020. Now, DMI finance closed my loan, but ZEST money not closed my loan and cut the 2n installment from bank account. In this regard, I have called customer care of DMI finance and ZEST money. Now DMI finance told me, that, there is no need to payment to zest money, because Zest money is associated with us, and we are giving loan through ZEST money. DMI told me , we have informed zest money to close your loan due to direct payment to DMI finance (lender of Zest money). But zest money told me take to refund to DMI finance, otherwise we will cut money directly from my bank account and denied to close my loan.
Kindly do the needfull.


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