Worst Company for iPhone Developer, Interworld Commnet Chandigarh, Mohali

Location/place: Chandigarh

Name of company/service: Interworld Commnet / Mobile application Development

iphone developer who was working with JK Menon and company . I got a better opportunity and I resigned from the position of Iphone Developer . This man who is a Fraud and gets all his project in iphone or mobile application development or even designing. Is a big fraud he uses the references of other people. As no body is willing to join his company full time. He told me he has a big team of over 5 Iphone Developers but the truth is i was the only one and I had to work for 16 odd hours or even more most of the times. I use to do the work of Iphone Developer and Designer alone. No body to support me . He made me sign a bond before taking me to the process floor.

The Salaries are never paid on time and even if you take a holiday the deducation are very high . No body can say anything as he is the owner and he shouts and uses abusive language on the process floor or his own office the development center in Mohali..

I was arrested by Police for Not willing to serve under him for another 15days after completion of my Bond.
There was a business development manager , JK Menon did not pay him he kept on comming to his office for atleast 3 months after leaving the job just to collect his salaries.
JK menon fired 5 SEO executives in a week as they were not ready to work Overtime.
He accused another business development manager of fraud..
Graphics designer was manhandled and his experience letter was not given..
the major CEO JK menon had a fight with Airtel executives .. later accused that person of theft..and even got him arrested. which he boosts of.

abused many of his employees

there are many cases against him put across by his previous workers in chandigarh jursidiction

do u still want to join him.. if yes your wish … he is the work CEO JK menon and company Innovative People or Interworld commnet is the worst place to work…

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