Worst Company for iPhone Developer, Interworld Commnet Chandigarh, Mohali

Location/place: Chandigarh

Name of company/service: Interworld Commnet / Mobile application Development

iphone developer who was working with JK Menon and company . I got a better opportunity and I resigned from the position of Iphone Developer . This man who is a Fraud and gets all his project in iphone or mobile application development or even designing. Is a big fraud he uses the references of other people. As no body is willing to join his company full time. He told me he has a big team of over 5 Iphone Developers but the truth is i was the only one and I had to work for 16 odd hours or even more most of the times. I use to do the work of Iphone Developer and Designer alone. No body to support me . He made me sign a bond before taking me to the process floor.

The Salaries are never paid on time and even if you take a holiday the deducation are very high . No body can say anything as he is the owner and he shouts and uses abusive language on the process floor or his own office the development center in Mohali..

I was arrested by Police for Not willing to serve under him for another 15days after completion of my Bond.
There was a business development manager , JK Menon did not pay him he kept on comming to his office for atleast 3 months after leaving the job just to collect his salaries.
JK menon fired 5 SEO executives in a week as they were not ready to work Overtime.
He accused another business development manager of fraud..
Graphics designer was manhandled and his experience letter was not given..
the major CEO JK menon had a fight with Airtel executives .. later accused that person of theft..and even got him arrested. which he boosts of.

abused many of his employees

there are many cases against him put across by his previous workers in chandigarh jursidiction

do u still want to join him.. if yes your wish … he is the work CEO JK menon and company Innovative People or Interworld commnet is the worst place to work…


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  1. devansh Avatar

    really true, same incidents happened with me also. they even took my original documnets and never returned me . it has been around 1 year , i am asking from them but the always refused to listen me.

  2.  Avatar

    Its really to make people fool but its tottaly wrong

  3.  Avatar

    This is all non sense to make people fool

  4. JattBhambraw Avatar

    Of course its all fake. The people who are into such postings do not have anything else to do.

  5. All the people who have complaints about any company posts all details including their own name and addresses so the greviences can be sorted out. So if you have a reason. Just post your contact details so the company can talk to you. and if you don’t this is just FAKE.

    Anyone can post on this forum in anybody’s name. No proof.

    And when you say ‘there are many cases against him put across by his previous workers in chandigarh jursidiction’

    Can you show the proof ?


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  8. neutral-venue Avatar

    Well Well,

    Internet is a free source…You can share anything you like. But share something meaning full..and that too with proofs..Then things will mean a lot..

    This is nothing but just creating posts for bringing down reputation of a person.. Such tools are pretty old..!

    It is much easier to believe you if we see something reasonable with proofs…! ( eg: Case numbers that are in courts, original identities of the persons involved- so that things look authentic, xerox of the case copies filed in chd court etc)

    Moreover, Hiding your identity will never solve the issue (if any)…It itself speaks alot…What fear if you are not wrong??? Come up with proofs..

    Otherwise, It is UN-necessarily causing a negative thought, a bad reputation for the person in concern..! which is not a good thing to do…


  9. Sach a Bad company Interworldcomnet. And also try to fall down other IT compny names . Mr J.K Menon owner of this company he has 3-4 offices and only one in India and other are in abroad countries. But he treat there employ’s like a beggar. One thing is very important only 10% of salary from total monthly income. But he is not able to give 10%..Shame shame shame shame shame.Jk .Please ask your every employee to work free for me. They are ready to do but you shameless not release salary on time.2-3 month salaries are pending..


  10. kuldeep Avatar

    Its 100% true , I agree with rajveer…..and publisher .
    …. Partha what u mean by proof !!! …..i think you have post just only for your Appraisals from Interworld Commnet.. …because your reply is too professional .

  11. 100% agreed with this post.

  12. Main saareyan saamne ek gal clear kar dena chauna. Eh company fraud hai. JEhda boss hai menon, unno akal hai nai gal karan da. Gaala kad da. Kudiyan nu v nai chadda eh. Kug pata nai hunda kado kad deve company cho. Je tuhadde kol thodi g v respect hai ta is company che na jayoo.

    jitthe da boss hi sudaii hai utthe employees da ki banna.

    mainu mail karo is id te join karan tu pehla: [email protected]

  13. Anonymous Avatar

    Thanks a lot,

    Thanks a lot friends for letting me know this. I recently got a call from this company.
    An Hr called Pooja called me up saying she needed the links of the projects i did. She sounded so unprofessional, i had my doubts. So i cross verified the background of this company. I found many complaints. I thank you all to save me.

    And Mr Partha, i think you like this company very much or may be you are one of the share holders of this company or own the company. Why will any one fake things.

    One advice simply close the company.

  14. Rajveer Avatar


  15. Welcome to the biggest indian scammer in Asia. This guy JK boasts the biggest ego no one can answer.

    He lies to his clients in SG interactive that his developers are all in Singapore while they are actually in India. He charge his clients 100k USD while paying peanuts to his developers. Sometimes even nothing.

    Even in Singapore, he assumes he is above the law committing all kind of actrocities. Whether it is team in India he cheats or the clients in Singapore he cheats, he is ultimately untouched in his cosy expensive house of his. Check his LinkedIn account, he constantly have to delete foul remarks on him.

    Tell you first, this kind of boss is the worst kind to work for. There is no good review of this crook, do not say you have been warned. Choosing an alternatively is not difficult, once you enter you are doomed. Do not waste your time, life is too precious to give a crook like him.

  16.  Avatar

    Yes It facts:)

  17. Best co-workers, people here have zeal to work, they discuss, they listen, good overall.

  18. Very good HR policies. I enjoy working at this place. growth is good for freshers and experience people here are intellect enough.

  19. Very bad company . I have also very bad experience to work this company .

  20. Lord Corporation

  21. Wolfpaw Consulting

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