Location/place: delhi

Name of company/service: vodafone

Dear All,
I am a Vodafone subscriber and my mobile number is 9811068370 (Prepaid). I feel cheated by Vodafone because I had been charged over Rs 200 for a service which I had never activated or used. There is a daily deduction of charges from my Balance and I have contacted your pathetic helpdesk yes PATHETIC bcoz more than a customer care it is a customer harassment. I have been complaining about these unnecessary and absolutely fake charges that is being continuously deducted from my account. I have got to know from customer care representatives that this is a charge for portalnmms. This is a service which I have never heard or activated or used and even don’t know anything about. They have asked me to send a message DCT VL to 144 which I did many times to deactivate the service. But still I am being charged for a non-sense service which I don’t even know what it is??????????
Is this the way Vodafone earn revenues by Cheating the customers and charging them fraudulently.
I want to claim for both monetary damages as well as for mental trauma and disturbance that I have gone through.



  1. archita Avatar

    same thing which i’m suffering and no response from customer care either they put on hold or give some rubbish reason or refering different numbers which are invalid.fooling customers like anything disgusting.

  2. Hi

    I have requested a MNP from my Airtel number to Vodafone through my nearest retailer on 28th Aug 2011

    The Details are here

    Unique Porting ID : AL358935
    Expiry date : 11 Sept 2011

    Number to be ported : 9995477945

    New SIM details

    SIM No : 8991462160480666846

    PUK 1 : 21993998

    PLAN : MNP

    Below mail is a forwarded mail from Airtel team saying they have not received any MNP request from Vodafone

    Why this happens?

    if you are not interested in this migration , let me know the same , I will search some other good providers

    Or what are you doing there?

    I need an immediate reply


    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    Date: Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 1:15 PM
    Subject: Regarding MNP Request towards your# 9995477945
    To: [email protected]

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for writing to Airtel.

    This is with reference to your e-mail, where in, you have requested for
    MNP (port out) towards your Airtel (Phone) number 9995477945 .

    Please be informed that the requested number could not be ported out, as
    we have not received the request from your desired telecom network
    service provider.

    Furthermore, we would request you to contact the desired telecom network
    service provider for the same and kindly generate a new UPC as the
    validity of the same is only for 15 days.

    However, should you require any further assistance regarding the Airtel
    services, please feel free to contact us directly at our e-mail address
    [email protected] and
    we shall make every effort to revert with resolution at the earliest.

  3. Same with me too don’t knw wht the hell trhis service is and how does it get activated on its own…vodafone cheaters

  4. Oi called customer service rthey told me tro go to vodafone store..can u believe rthis thewy don have info and now I have to spend hours in vodafone store just to deactivate something oi haven’t heard of..something I don’t even kne exists..vodafone shud be clear on their website wht hidden chrgs they have in order to use their edge tech.vodafone big big big cheaters..loosers…I m leaving this netwrok as soon as I step out of this store…this is the second time I am in this store to inquie abt why money is being sdeducted for no reason..enuf no more chances rto this cheating netwrk provider..CHEATERS TO THE CORE…..

  5. Vishal Kohli Avatar
    Vishal Kohli

    Same is the case with me, they are making fool of consumers………

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