Location/place: Borivali/Mumbai

Name of company/service: LG services ,united service centre borivali East

The Chairman & Managing Director,
LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd,
Plot No: 51, Udhyog Vihar,
Surajpur Kasna Road,
Greater Noida-201306 (UP)
Dear Sir,
SUB: Complaint against Bad Service and Cheating attitude of
Service Enginner and Service centres (united Service Centre Borivali east)-
facing–Product: LG LCD TV
During the month of April, 2011 I bought a LCD TV from one of LG dealer Soni Moni (borivali west). As soon as product got delivered at my home , Mr. Prashant ,LG service Engineer
, his Tel:9769123568 who is a employee of united Service centres Borivali east one of the authorised LG service dealers called up to say that he will be there at our home for Demo and installation . Further he did the installation and started selling the services offered. And in course of dicussion he said he has the LCD covers also whether we would like to order ? We said we would like to order for LCD cover and asked the price . He said it will cost Rs 1500 and he will be able to deliver it after 2 days. He said we need to pay in advance so that he can book the cover . So we gave him Rs 1000/-we asked him for the bill but he refused to give a proper bill of LG & told me that he is charging less amt as compared to amt charged by LG.
Even after 4 days when he didn’t turned I again contacted him over phone ,but Since then he has not been attending the problem and making different excuses every times on my call.
After a week he even not pick the mobile and when he picks by mistake,
he said since he was out of station he was unable to deliver,but he will surely deliver it within a days time.
Anyhow after waisting of 10days in this drama, I compelled to lodge
my complaint to LG Service Centre. But the customer care said i need to talk to ther service centre and gave me the number of service centre (united service centre Borivali East )
and problem was attended by Mr Jamil . On my complaint he said me Mr prashant is not working with his organization any more because of this attitude .On my complaint he said he will take me in conference call with mr. Prashant. We three had a con call where Mr. Zamil asked him to sort this out by late evening. He said he will come to our house at 8pm. But he didnt turned up again. we tried to reach him on his cell but he had switched off his cell.
Then next day again I called up the service centre . After requesting several times the receptionist transfered my call to Zamil ,he started talking rudely taht he cant do anything as it’s our fault . He said we havent paid him asking him. why we didnt asked him for bill. I said we had asked for the bill ,but he didnt produced taht to us and we trusted him on LG brand’s name ..He should help me as I trusted him on united service centres name . I said otherwise i will have to file a case in consumer court for this ….Listening this he hanged the call saying “job bhi karna hai madam kar lijeye “”””&
I again tried to lodged a complaint through LG customer care … they heard the complete story and didnt lodged a case and when i asked for the complaint no. . they said I will recive a call on my mobile and the complainrt will be attended …but nothing happened as of now. I further reminded at your call centre on when the complaint has not been attended so far even after expiry of
more than 24 hrs. .
I also registered online complaint there is no reply till date. . So far I have not received any response of my
complaint lodged through email from the Company,which shows clearly a case of deficiency in services by parent company In view of my harassment I faced for the last 1 month due to BAD
SERVICE & Cheating ATTITUDE of your Engineer/Technician and even
spending of Rs.1000/-till date
I draw your attention towards such type of
deficiency in services and request you to take up the suitable action
against such employee and dealers who is putting a bad name top your brand and award me a compensation of Rs.1000/- for
harrassment, I am facing for the last 1 months including expenses
incurred by me due to non delivery of LCD cover.
Otherwise I will be compelled to file a case in Consumer Forum against deficiency of service,Fraud and the compensation to Consumer.
Yours faithfully,
( Shweta Jha)
Email add:[email protected]
Add: 104,YogiTower ,Yogi Nagar,Eksar road,Borivali west.


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