Unusual Activities and Irregular teaching with under qualified staff

Location/place: tipper hamirpur

Name of company/service: s.r.e.t. Group of institutions

this from behalf of me is , this institution is filled with under qualified staff and even the classes an’t running at full swing, as these days they have introduced some shit called tournaments, before that there did happened an incident of a staff member setting quarrel with a student and even fought as well, all this happened on campus gate, so incident was like this,, its so called rule to not let any student enter after the first lecture starts and then onlyto opermit themafter second lecture starts, so this student was late, while some teachers who too were late were made to enterso this student followed them to enter then this teacher did started to cause him with words and later on student appeal to not let even teachers enter after rule them this teachereven started to fight followed with abuses of mothers and sisters, this is not only up to this but even the chairman of the institution does the same.. They have had whole staff that is under qualified and un experienced..
So the future of those whole students is under stake, if there is some law for real then please do act them onto this. .
One more thing is the fine… They do take fine even if one is present 98%..

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