Unsolicited calls

Your Location/city: Navi Mumbai

Name of the product/service/company:: India Today Book Club

I enrolled for India Today Book Club offer for a Reebok Kit. I did an online transaction and got the kit. Since then I have been getting lot of mails/ calls from them. In May 09 I wrote to ITBC to exclude my name from the mailing list and requested them not to send me any letter, e-mail or call me on my cell no. I have written to them number of times and have been assured by them that my name would be deleted from their list. But since the last four months I am being harrassed by them. On Sep 4th 2009, I was asked by them to confirm that whether the calls have stopped. I replied to them that whenever they stop the calls, I start getting again after few days. Today i.e. 20th Sep 2009, I again got a call from there call centre. I am attaching herewith a copy of email transactions with ITBC. Kindly assist me.

India Today Book Club.pdf (108 KB)


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  1. SpinD5 Avatar

    Dear Sir,

    Like you, I am a consumer who has been cheated by ITBC, and I

    am writing to as many people who have complained on the

    Consumer Complaints (India) website, as possible.

    I propose that we jointly take legal action against the

    fraudulent practices o this company, which range from non-

    delivery of goods, to non-refund o payments, to false promise

    of big winnings.

    Kindly respond at the earliest with your suggestions to my

    email ID:
    [email protected]

    I believe it is time we got together to do something about

    this menace, and make the government realise that people are

    being cheated in every manner by this firm.

    Hoping to receive a quick and positive reply from you.

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