Unprofessional and too delay in refilling Gas Cylynder of Bharat Gas.

Location/place: Navi Mumbai, Maharastra

Name of company/service: Bharat Gas, Koperkhairane

I went out of cooking gas early morning on the 18th of January 2010. Today is 22th of January 2010 and I am still waiting for the gas cylinder to be delivered!! I must have called them one 30 times. It is just too difficult to get through. Either the number is busy or they don’t answer. So you need to be on the phone for a good 1 to 2 hours continuously to finally get to speak to someone. I am dealing with their LPG distributor of Bharat Petrolium Corporation Ltd. in KoparKhairne – Vighnahar Gas Service – phn # 022 27546088, 27544391. The most ridiculous / unfair service where they just keep hanging up on you. Highly unprofessional!! They ask your consumer number and give out a standard reply, which is nothing but “OK” or “MIl Jayega Aj Samko” or “abhi bhijwa rahe hain”. You really can’t talk much else they hang up on you!! Now, how ridiculous is that???? Is there no customer service number where one can at least give a complaint?

Each day before coming to office I went to their shop (of Bharat Petrolium Corporation Ltd. in KoparKhairne – Vighnahar Gas Service), and request again and again to please do the delivery of refill cylynder, and every day they answers that today only before evening we will surely do the delivery of your refill cylynder.

Really we are suffering for their service. And without Gas Cylynder we facing very difficult to manage with our daily life.

I hope we can get some help from this forum surely.

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  1. 13 years ago

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