Frequently disconnection & no action even after complain in customer care

Location/place: Vadodara

Name of company/service: Tata indicom broadband

From last 6-8 months I’m having frequently disconnection problems. I’ve complaint about it many times in their customer care. Every time they register a complain & promise that this would never happen again! & within just 2-3 days the same problem occur.

On 16th Dec. 2009 I’ve applied online for shifting my connection to my new address. The customer care person said that after I apply, their Representative will contact me within 72 hours to collect my doc. or will mail me! I waited for about 10 days & meanwhile I’ve contacted to the customer care twice, but I didn’t get any action! Then I contacted the local office & submitted my doc. Even after that they haven’t contacted me! I’ve tried to call the local person (Who has given me his no.) & every time I got false promises. & then they didn’t even care to answer my call!

After a lots of complains & then finally when I said that I will go to consumer court, I got the connection on 6th Jan. 2010!

But that wasn’t the end! After this, I’m facing frequently disconnection problems. Every time when I call to customer care, they says either the server is down or the connection is down!! I’ve told them that I’m having all my work online so please do care about these problem. But every time they just register the complain & do false promises! Even yesterday, 21st Jan 2010 I’ve registered a complain about the disconnection (Complain no.: 11593068). Then at evening the connection started. & then from today morning I’m not getting the connection. I’ve called again & registered a new complain (Complain no.: 1162616) & asked to start my connection ASAP. But it’s not resolved yet!

Also, when the connection is on, most of the time I’m getting very poor speed! I’m using Infinity 384 with 384 Kbps speed but hardly get more than 30-40 kbps speed!

I’m a freelancer & having all my work online. I’m having all my clients from foreign countries & I do need to work from night many time! I’m suffering a lot with this service! Last time my client was about to sue me! I’m paying Rs. 1000 + Tax to Tata Indicom Broadband just to suffer with disconnection problems & then waiting for their solutions!

I need a permanent solution of this & a guarantee from the company that I would not get any kind of problem with the connectivity & will get immediate response of my complain & within an hour turnaround! I have had enough now!

My tata indicom user Id is [email protected]

Kruti S

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