Unfair Trade Practice

Location/place: Varanasi

Name of company/service: BSNL

I had sent the message START DND to 1909 on 4th August 2010 for not disturbing me with commercial advertisements. However, still I am receiving such kinds of advertisements on my mobile phone particularly from BP. Kindly get it stopped as it is disturbing me much. Further, I received one message from 558884015 on 12th November 2010 stating Thanks for using our chat messanger. Your service has been renewed for next 30 days. Rs. 15 charged and another from 595954015 on 15th November stating We appreciate you for being our valuable customer. Your have been renewed with 30 days validity for LOVE TIPS FOR GIRLS Service. Rs. 15 chrgd. So far as I remember I have never subscribed for the said services but Rs. 30 altogether have been deducted from my prepaid balance. How to discontinue such services are not indicated in such messages. It appears that they will continue doing so every month. Hence I request that BSNL authorities should take steps so that I may be saved from such harrassment.
D.K. Srivastava
Mobile No. 09415618865


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