Unfair deduction from my account

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Kotak Mahindra Bank ltd.

I have recently opened accounts ( Salary) in Kotak Mahindra Bank, Mumbai during the campaign at our office.

They told us there will be no deductions or charges imposed on you.

I was repeatedly asked about other charges if any and the Kotak Mahindra Bank executives told us there will be no charges under
any case.

But now the reality is ” An amount of Rs.842 is deducted from my account as AQB charges” as soon as I made my first transfer to my account.

This is completely unfair to deduct even after distributing pamphlets from your side and after taking assurance from you while opening account.

I raised the issue in Kotak Mahindra Bank customer cell and also to their representative who is campainging in our office.

I have all proof regarding the incident. Kindly consider as soon as possible.

Avinash Raut

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  1. 10 years ago

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