ticket date issue and misbehaviour

Location/place: bangalore(bomanahalli)

Name of company/service: kpn travels

sir i went straightly to kpn travels office near bomanahalli on the date of 13/06/2012 to book the ticket on the same date of 13/06/2012 ,8.30 pm.they have booked the ticket and they told me the printer is not working so i will written in the kpn slip and i will seal it on the slip,i accepted that i have taken that slip,and i came to the same office at 8.30pm on 13/06/2012 to take a bus to travel ,the help desk they tared one bit of the ticket and they told me sit in the bus,again the help desk he came and he told today the ticket is not booked in your name ,it is booked tomorrow,and i argued him in the ticket the date is 13/06/2012 you saying me the ticket is booked on tomorrow,please arrange some seat for me to travel today.. and he shouted crudely and roughly at me and he sended me out from the office..and i have captured the video the help desk shouted at me..and he have not treated me as a customer..i have totally upset-ted..and i have not went on the same date ..this given me a great loss on time and money..


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