Supposed to work for minimum 3 hours, now after 2 yrs switches off after 1 hrs.

Dear Sir,
Let me allow me to lodge the complain in form of the mails I sent to the company…
I have been using the Su-Kam invertor for the last year and a half. There was no problem faced by me during this period. But recently I am facing some problems with the invertor, it is getting switched off automatically after an hour.

Purchased the same from Sales Emporium, Nagerbazar, Kolkata.

Am trying to contact your customer care services for the last few days and getting no response.

I am contacting the below mentioned mobile numbers:
Mr Amit Chattaraj – 09332102691, his mobile is switched off.
Ms Mahua Banergee has provided no contact numbers in your website.
Kolkata service centre – 03325234012, no one is picking up the phone.
And 03332608316 – always busy no one is responding.

After a long try somebody in your customer care centre received the phone and told me to provide the model number & the Serial number. Being a marketing person, I am always travelling, and my mother & wife stays at home, who is unable to provide the same. So your customer care exec said straight that until & unless I provide the numbers she will not be able to provide any services to me………….Is that so strigent that except those numbers you will not be able to provide any services, in this situation when the power condition is so poor………….It is just like monoply business………

How can I get proper maintenance services from your institution? My invertor is totally out of order in one and half year – how will I get it repaired?
Dear All
With regards to the below mentioned mails, I had a discussion with Mr Abinash Mishra on 16th June 09 (after which I established the below mentioned mail), when I got the commitment that he will help me out in taking care of my situation.

Again I had a discussion with him on 17th June 09, at 2:45pm whereby he committed that he was in office at that time & he would be able to generate the docket number for my problem and inform me accordingly over phone. Till 5:30pm when I did not receive any call from him I tried to contact him on his mobile @ 09874647915 (at least 20 time) when he did not receive my calls. However, when I called him @ his other mobile 09339652700, he received it and expressed his helplessness that he has informed the customer care services and the concerned engineer. But when I inquired about the date & time when the engineer would be able to visit my place, he answered that he would not be able to say – all are busy. (I inquired about the day & time because I do not stay at home and am travelling upcountry and that I could keep my wife & mother informed). On inquiring about the docket number of the complain he also could not keep me informed on the same issue.

Since I have not been able to get any help from your side I kept him informed that I will have to establish these situations on mail (which will enable me to get legal help in future in case of need) – to this Mr Abinash’s answer was – “whatever you want to do, do it I will also do my part” and it was said in Hindi “aapko jo karna hai kar li-jye, hambhi dekh lenge”

I think all of you at some point of your life have been customers / consumers, how will you feel when you get this type of replies from a service provider?

My invertor is totally out of order within one and half year – how will I get it repaired?
The model number HA135C & serial number being G-0200806.
Dear All

With regards to the below attached mails, let me take this opportunity to thank all of you for such a wonderful service……………

After discussing regarding the same with Ms Mamta on thursday, 18th June, she commits:

That she will talk to Mr Vishal of the East regarding this situation and will get back to me the next day………(when I said that Mr Vishal is not responding at all over phone, says that he is BUSY)………..NOTHING HAPPENS THE NEXT DAY ……NO CALL FROM MS MAMTA.
And that the matter will be taken care if not by friday (19th June), definitely by Saturday the 20th June 09…………So GOOD a commitment from such a senior person, from such a GOOD company with a BIG VISION……………..NOTHING HAPPENS ON SATURDAY…………FIRST CLASS SERVICE.
Mr Amit does not receives calls
MAHUA SAYS THEY NEED MORE DETAILS …………I quote her mail “regaeding this complain but sir we need some details.Then we need can arrange our engineer.”………FIRST CLASS ENGLISH………FROM A FIRST CLASS COMPANY……systems are more important than quick response to customers……

Abinash calls up and says that he has logged the complain and the docket number is B06479 dtd 17th June 09……..and that he will inform me when the engineer will vist to handle the situation.

Communication Su-Kam.doc (45 KB)


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