Sunstone Business school,100% fraud college

Sunstone Business school,
Sunstone Campus program,
Sunstone INJ Campus,
Sunstone pay after placement
Advantages in sunstone
• They Never force you to study
• You can come to class when ever you want
Disadvantages in sunstone
• No security for girls (Nituj gupta use the illiterate and sexual words in class)
• PGDM certificate from sunstone is not approved by AIU
• Not providing job equal to PGDM and MBA (giving a job equal to 8th class eligible)
• Not secure for life(No Principal or a faculty is there to complaint if faculty doing wrong with students,because only 2 faculty in college husband and wife)
• 2 years waste of time
• Have to pay 10 month salary as a fees(other wise they will not provide any certificate even though its not valid)
• No regular faculty is available(its like school tution only)
• They will never take a class properly( 1 simple topic they will teach whole year)
• Never complete syllabus
Sunstone eduversity is a fraud college running by husband and wife Nituj gupta and monika gupta both are 100% fraud. I am the student from sunstone. I will explain you how we lost our life by joining in this college. I will explain you all about this fraud college below.
About College
First of all Sunstone is not a college. It registered as a company. They rented a not running college which is (INJ Business school) and they started the college by their name using sunstone. If you will ask the management clearly then you come to know they are cheating by using INJ College. Whenever you pay the fees then you will never receive a government registered receipt for your fees which you paid. They will simply give you the printed copy of receipt with A4 paper without any Government registration number.
Course details
In sunstone they are not providing any MBA degree. They are providing only PGDM. In India only 63 colleges having AIU(Association of Indian Universities) PGDM. If you do PGDM its not eligible as a 2years MBA until its approved by AIU. Even though its approved by AICTE. AIU approved is not easy to get by giving money. In order to get an AIU approved
Only such PGDM programmes be granted Equivalence which meet the
following conditions
• The Institute has applied for the AIU equivalence and has furnished all the required information/documents as prescribed by the AIU
• The PGDM Programme has been duly approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi;
• A Minimum Two Batches of the programme must have passed out successfully
• The PGDM programme has been duly accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA);
• The equivalence to the PGDM programme meeting the above conditions be granted for the period for which the NBA accreditation is valid

Check out the Colleges which is AIU approved genuine PGDM course. (only 63 including IIM Sunstone and INJ business school is not eligible) http://www in/evaluation/list_of_Institute_of_PGDM_with_address_as_on_29.02.2016.pdf

About their syllabus

In the world first business school which says to students should not read any books. In sunstone they are not providing any books. If students will ask “How to study without book” then the answer from sunstone is here we are teaching practical knowledge so no need to book. But actual fact is they are not teaching anything so if they provide a book then students will start asking them “why are you not teaching according to syllabus and students will find out that they are running whole year with 1 topic”
Before thinking to joining the sunstone please ask them to provide the full syllabus of 2 years and subjects which they are going to teach and compare those syllabus and subjects with some very poor and wrost MBA college then you come to know sunstone 2years PGDM is equal to 5th stnd school syllabus.
And Monika is a faculty for 2 subjects and she will take only 1 topic for whole year. Because she knows how to cheat a student she is expert in that.
In Time table they will mention a class timing 9.30 to 5.00 but actually its not like that when ever monika will come to college then only class will start. It may be 11 o clock or it may be 3 oclock. We have to wait in class like a dog.

About Faculty
In sunstone they mentioned many IIM and IIT alumini as a faculty but I have completed my 1st year now but till now I have nt seen any faculty who they mentioned in website.
Actually there is only 2 regular faculty (Nituj gupta and monika gupta) both are husband and wife. Husband will take a morning class and wife will take after noon class. Whole day only this two will time pass with students with talking non sense stuffs. 2 days once they used to arrange a faculty from out side to show off to the students that we are bringing the gust lecturer but actually if u atten the college you will feel to beat husband and wife with sandals. Both are learned and practiced how to cheat a students and stole a money. They both are expert in stealing money from others.

About Fees
Never ever try to get admission to this college. They launched one good cheating method which is “pay after placement”
If they are really genune and really care about the students future they should not get any fees from students .
But by telling the name Pay after placement they are getting
• Registration Fees (50000)
Actually this 2 years course is not even worthy for 50Rs then think already they are getting 50,000 Rs as a registration fees so they have already got profit out of that. So then again they are cheating by asking students to pay 10month salary as a fees.
About Placement
In sunstone they use the cheat a peoples by telling our students got placed in facebook,google,flipkart like that. But actually they are not giving any good jobs equal to the MBA or PGDM. They used to give a marketing job like
• Selling Credit card
• Giving pamphlets in road
• Selling insurance
• Selling loan for banks
If u have any idea to join in sunstone don’t believe faculty and students words. Because for the students sunstone management team giving 10,000Rs if they refer any students. So if sunstone person says that our students placed in big companies then ask them to show the person who placed in flipkart , facebook and companies like this . People who placed in a good companies with 20K/month salary they got job by their own risk. If u have any doubt on that kindly ask the students personally then you come to know about the college.

About Hostel
Sunstone cheating fellows don’t have any hostel facility. If the students will call from long distance then they are cheating them by telling sunstone providing hostel facility for boys and girls. But actually there is no hostel. If they says they are having hostel then ask them to send a hostel picture or ask them why you have not mentioned hostel pic in website?
They will simply say we are having hostel. Poor students blindly believing, the Fraud 1. Nituj and Fraud 2. Monika and coming to campus and finally they will refer a PG and tell convince students to stay there.

About Exam
In sunstone there is no exam which is conducted according to the AICTE, When ever Monika and nituj wants to conduct exam they will conduct. If they like to conduct on Sunday night 8PM then students have to go according to them. NO RULES. THEIR OWN RULES

Once they conducted the exam then even though a brilliant student there is 100% possibilities to get fail. Because in sunstone in order to get a high marks you have to do 3 things.
1. You have to be a dog for faculty( when ever they need water you have to go and get for them)
2. You have to agree even though if Monika says 1+1=6
3. You should not ask any question to faculty
In sunstone there is no word called “Exam paper revaluation more over they will never show the exam paper to students”

Who ever they mentioned in website about placement that all are fake. Actually students working in that company but not in the profile what they mentioned in website more detail please ask them to show the students who are working then you ask the students about their job then you come to know its totally fraud. Before joining in this college please talk at lest with 10 students and cross check it weather they all are telling same thing or not. Because there is an affiliate income for students if they refer admission

Useful links:

AIU approved universities in India Click herehttp://www. in/evaluation/list_of_Institute_of_PGDM_with_address_as_on_29.02.2016.pdf

I am your well wisher please never ever join in sunstone 100% fraud. I got cheated so I don’t want you to feel the same situation what problem I am facing now


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  1. uzair khan Avatar
    uzair khan

    a call made to me from Sunstone and i was told that i am selected in second round and telephonic round will be conducted for the final selection.
    What should i do now bhai.
    should i go with that or should kickk off that ?

  2.  Avatar

    Thanx bro ! I save

  3.  Avatar

    Very right bro I also cheated from them

  4. Kuldeep Avatar

    Sab Jhoot Hai ,I am studying at sunstone .Sab badhiya hai…10 regular faculty hai aur coroportes se bhi aate hain log yahan. humari toh internship and placement bhi ho gai hai.

  5.  Avatar

    Is there anyone who comes from last year batch and what his highest package nd can u give me her contact no.

  6. Priyanshu Avatar

    Bhai please give ur phone number

  7.  Avatar

    Thanks yr

  8. Do i take admission in sunstone eduversity or not for MBA?

  9. omg! thanks for saving me! planning to do MBA thr. that was the thing eye opener for me hereafter i wont think about that

  10. Recently I got selected from them for admission. Should I go for admission…? Is they really providing jobs?

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  12.  Avatar

    Thanks for sharing true reality of sunstone I given the interview of sunstone and they shortlisted me bt one concellor ie Durgesh from sunstone this name sounds like that it is the name of any male but actually she is women . Though I speak with her so respectfully bt she don’t have any manners of talking….she is so arogant and fraud person. So plz if anyone of u got any call , msg , email from sunstone don’t believe on it they r very fraud people ….they just westing our time with that fraud mba program

  13.  Avatar

    bhai main kya kru mene to admission le lia

  14. Dhananjay Avatar

    i have taken admission i jusy want to ask if my degree is original or not .please guide me .i will handle placemnet myself even one day i have to go for offcampus

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