staff asking a money infect my product on warranty

I bought a Samsung HD TV on November 2019, suddenly my remote is not working from march 2020 1st week when i mention my complaint no one solve it after that lockdown is going on, again I called on 18th may 2020 called Samsung customer care centre about my problem please change my remote I can’t watch my tv but no one listen I continuously I called every day suddenly one day I got a call from one executive name is Mr. ram Singh I don’t know its correct name or not he told me mam when I am free then I will come and check your remote, then I tell him what is the meaning of this when you are free then you will come he told what ever you want do my complaint in customer care or anywhere do my complaint, or else if you want to change your remote then you have to pay me payment then I will come now, then I tell him I will not pay a single amount because its on warranty.
after this conversation I mention my written complaint in Samsung customer care then on next day I got a mail on 23rd may 2020 executive will come within 24hrs. but still no one is come infect no one call me, now I want to do a legal action again Samsung customer care team.


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