SRS Pearl 250 sqmts.

Location/place: Faridabad

Name of company/service: SRS Pearl 250 sq mts


We have given around 3 lacs+ as installments, yet we have to come to know our allotment has been cancelled. There are various reasons for not allotting the d floor, they are as follows:-
1.Farmers have filed in a dispute(ITS A FARM LAND)
2.Allotees have not submitted their second/third installments on time.

What all is going on, is this a fraud with us wherein we haven’t got our Allotment Letter till date.
We were in regular span of paying the installments.

Please make it a media point of contact and plz get the matter solved as we are of middle class status and cant afford to get this thing digest.

Kindly provide us contact no. of a responsible citizen who could really help us.


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