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Location/place: Cochin

Dear Sony,
I am sending you this via this forum just because I could not find another place where you accept your consumer complaints. My Name is Nikhil and I run a Software business in Trivandrum, Kerala. I am currently in a plan to buy few of your Z series Vaio Laptop for my in-house needs. I had yesterday (20th September 2010) visited your Vaio Showroom at Oberon Mall, Cochin for the purpose, but had a very bitter experience from the representatives.
The laptop was in display and it was no where written not to be touched. I happened to see the laptop comes with a very high resolution display, which apparently raised curiosity to see how the web pages load. I opened the browser and hit one of the common sites. The representative all of a sudden raised his voice , hit me and moved away my hands off the laptop. He intimidated me in front of other customers as if I had tried to miss-use something. I felt really bad for I have visited many of your outlets around the world and had many demos even run in my office itself.
I am a fan of Sony since years and I always prefer Sony for my business needs. Also, in this age of IT when everybody is equipped with various handheld internet access devices, it doesn’t really matter, especially for a business man like me to get into your outlet to browse internet.
I humbly request you to kindly take action against the franchise owner for having deploying people who doesn’t have the basic manners to handle customers.
Contact+ 91 9809412140
Email: [email protected]
Thanks and Regards,
Nikhil Gopalan

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