Location/place: Mumbai, India

Name of company/service: SHOPPING HOME INDIA- AIRE BRA

Me and my mother got this from a online shopping website company called- SHOPPING HOME INDIA. The website is :

The website claims that they will give 3 bras for RS. 2795. and in 3 colors. Before i ordered i called the company and told them i want all 3 black- the boy said OK, But i got 2 white and only 1 black. Then i checked on the website that they are offering 3 different colors. i did not get all colors, neither did i get what i asked for. I told them the normal bra size i wear and the boy told me to buy the large size. It is so loose for me. I confirmed with him that if it is big or small, i will return it and get the exact size. Now that i have wrong size, i am calling them, but they are not helping. The boy i spoke to has left the company- or thats what i have been told. his name is Zubair.
Now i am stuck with wrong size. I dont know what to so. I have wasted my money as i have got duped and cheated by this stupid online company. I dont know how to get my money back.
Please somebody try to help me. Can the consumer court help me in any matter. Please request.

Suhani Kapoor

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