Service not provided for Relocation

Location/place: Bengluru

Name of company/service: Tata Sky

I had to change my address due to some cause. For this, I have asked the customer care of Tata Sky for the relocation purpose. I called at the tata sky customer care on 3oth of March and they promissed for service within two days. No action took place till date. Again n again I called at the customer care more than 10 times but nothing has been done yet.
they send a message : Your Tata Sky request ref WO No: 1-9765748666 is scheduled on 04-04-2011 14:00 hrs. For any assistance, our service team can be contacted on 9742202852.
Again I have called the customer care today (05-04-2011) and they have promissed for service within 5:40 evening.
I want you to cooperate to me and pull me out of this problem. My phone number is 09343381681. And my email address is [email protected].

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