Location/place: R.K. Puram, Secunderabad

I purchased a new color TV brand Sansui 21″ flat model no 21SGR and serial no 0185 from NAGA SAI HOME APPLIANCES on 23rd May 2010 under 1 yr warranty period. The TV stopped working on 10th Jul 2010. I called up the Customer Care 39404040 immediately around 4pm and registered the complaint on 10th Jul 2010. The complaint num is HYD1007100305. I called up on Monday around 12pm Naga SAI to find the status of the complaint. He had no clues. Again called up the service center. They haven’t yet attended my complaint. I continuously tried calling the service center and the Shop vendor(naga sai). But the shop owner started behaving very rudely asking me to stop calling him and that I need to wait for a week. I want to question the authority of SANSUI dealors as to why they promise the customer 24 hrs attended service and what is the quality of the product they are offering. Hence I am lodging this issue to Consumer Forum with a ray of hope. My mobile number is 7893429885. Attached here is the bill that I was given on purchasing the TV

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