Information not being given and unnecessarily Harrasing me

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Vodafone India

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have been wrongly charged Rs.8000 out of Rs.10000 total bill, for internet usage for my vodafone Mobile Phone – 9819637456.I have been requesting Vodafone people for past 3 months to give me the details of the sites visited to me so that I can check and make the payment if at all I have browsed the sites mentioned in the details.They have not provided me any thing and are unnecessarily harrasing me by threatening calls, it is causing a lot of mental stress. They have already blocked the services to my same number and the associated numbers also.They are also harrasing myknown people for the same number. I have visited their stores and written many mails but nothing has been done. I have still not recieved any detail till date. I have been telling them that untill I recieve the details I shall not be able to make the payment, as I am sure that my bill cannot be that much as in the past bills also it has never crossed Rs.1700.I am sure there is something wrong that has happened at their end. I have been using the same number for past 4 years and am facing a lot of problems due to disconnection as this is my official number. I have incurred heavy losses in business due to the disconnection of the number. They are now calling me on my new number also that too nonstop. I shall be gratefull to you If the matter is sorted out ASAP by your help, as it is causing a lot of mental trauma to me and my dear ones. also would like to inform that there was some Shweta who calls from 9930727342 was asking for a settlement at 30% on which when I said no, she started talking disrespectfully and she speaks only and is not ready to listen.They are still calling me everyday and threatening me.I am attaching screenshots of my mails in Zip format for your reference. Regards. Manjul M Singh. (821 KB)


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  1. Manjul M Singh Avatar
    Manjul M Singh

    No action has been taken, Vodafone people still harrasing me. Request you to kndly do something.

    Manjul M Singh

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