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Don’t even think of consulting a doctor here
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In November 2014 I had just gone to a local ultra sound center and did a self USG of KU Bladder as I used to take bodybuilding supplements. I was shocked to find a 13 mm stone in my left kidney. Please note that I was not having any kind of pain related to stone even after having this stone. I panicked and consulted 3 doctors. One was Dr. Madhav Sansgiri from SMRC, Dr. Madhumohan from Manipal hospital and finally Dr. Gurpreet Gill from RG Stone, Porvorim.

Dr. Madhav Sansgiri told me to get an intravenous pyelogram(IVP) of KUB and get a blood test. He did not have anything much to say after looking at the USG report and immediately told me to do blood tests and IVP xray and only then he would tell me what to do next. I was out of his clinic in 2 minutes straight. Consultation fees charged 300/-. I dint like this attitude. I did the blood test and I googled about IVP. I found that it is an outdated procedure wherein a dye is injected in you and you also have to take some medicines before the procedure for that dye to be excreted from your body(medicines worth 1000/-). This seemed risky so, I never did an IVP. I fled from this doctor.

I then went to Dr. Madhumohan, He is a really nice guy, softspoken and really patient friendly. He told me to get a normal Xray of KUB. I did that; he then told me that the stone can be removed after stenting procedure by Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotrispy(ESWL). The stent had to be placed for a month until the stone was removed. I wanted a the treatment to be quick, Stenting would restrict my work hence I wanted to avoid it.

Finally I consulted Mr. Gurpreet Gill from RG Stone hospital, Porvorim, Goa. He seemed very friendly with his sweet talks. He saw my reports and told me to get a CT scan(Rs. 3500/-). Here I found that the stone is actually 17 mm.

After seeing the CT scan report he told me that the stone can be removed by Key hole surgery.(this seemed more painful and had more recovery time- I had checked this on the internet). He than told me that the stone is 17 mm and can be removed by endoscopic surgery(RIRS) which would not require and cuts on the body as the procedure would utilise natural openings of the body. He told me that it would require just one sitting and if it was more than 18 mm. It would require two sittings. I would still have to get stenting done, but this wold be for just 15 days. So this world be Ok with me. Following that he asked me about any medical insurance I had. I told him its a 1.5 lakh cover. He further told me to go and meet Mr. Amit, the hospital manager. When I met him and told him about the insurance cover there was a weird smile on his face, it was like “Baakra Aaa Gaya”. Mr Amit told me to get admitted the same day and the expenses incurred would be Rs. 1 lakh( this amount is actually too much for removing a kidney stone). I thaught to myself why not try ayurvedic medicines first. I avoided the surgery and went back home. Tried ayurvedic for a month and there was no change in the stone size.

I finally went back to RG stone. This time Dr. Gurpreet started telling me 17mm means “Bada hai boss” and this would require two sittings. I said in my mind WTF? Then I told him earlier he had said just one sitting. He told me that he will try to remove in one sitting. I then did the hospital formalitiesand got admitted for stenting. Stenting was done and I was discharged after 24 hours. I had to have this stent for atleast 7 days before surgery. This stent was uncomfortable for three days and I was pissing blood all seven days. Finally the day of surgery came by. I was admitted and surgery was done. I was told to come back after 7 days as I was stented again to facilitate the peices of stone to pass by. Cost incurred till now was 1 lakh. I beared the pain for another 7 days pissing blood and and after that I came to remove my stent. Before removing the stent he had told me to ultrasonography at his hospital. I was rather feeling fishy about his suggestion. I asked him why do the sonography at his hospital. He told me that there were cases wherein some of his patients had done sonography in other hospitals and there they found stone, but later on when they repeated the sonography here the doctor did not find any stones. I was like “ÿeh to khade khade bewakoof bana raha hai”. So before doing the stent removal procedure I took sonography at other hospital. I was shocked to find that this  doctor had just fragmented the stone and kept it in the kidney. I now had 5.1, 5.2, 4.6 and 4.1 mm stones in the kidney. I told this to the doctor before he removed my stent and he told me that he does not believe this report and told me to do CT scan again(another 3500/-) the report suggested the same. I showed him this and he told me that he will do one more surgery finally and it must be “Chura reh gaya hai” and will remove the same. Again the cost incurred now was another 50,000 Rs. All of this was one big conspiracy to dupe me of my 1.5 lakh insurance. You will not believe but the total cost of entire treatment was approximately 1,51,000. Actually I had an insurance cover of 3 lakhs, thank god I did not tell them that, or else don’t know what they would have done to dupe me of the same.

After the second surgery he told me to meet after 1 month to do a sonography again. I was finally aware of all the tactics of the hospital and how I had fallen prey to this conspiracy.

Finally after a month I went to a local hospital and did a sonography. And now I found that I still have two stones left in the same kidney 4mm and 6 mm in size. I am seriously pissed off with the doctor, the manager and the irresponsible hospital. Being from a middle class family I did not go to do any court case on them but I pledged to make everyone aware of this tactics used by the hospital and its staff.

Conclusion: Dr. Gill will do anything for money; will make money at the cost of patients pain and expense. Sve yourself, don’t even think of going for a consultation to this hospital particularly this doctor.

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