reversal of rechrge amount after 2 months

Your Location/city: kanpur

Name of the product/service/company:: Airtel digital tv

I recharged my digital tv account for Rs.500/- on 8 may 2009. same amount reflected to my digital tv account on 8 may 2009. But after 2 months i/e on 31 july Airtel reversed the Rs500/- amount from my digital tv account.
when I asked for the reason for reversal of this amount they told that the credit card company through I done this transation had not given the money.
Then i contacted to my credit card bank ,the bank people told that the above transaction was sucessfuly and amount of Rs 500/- paid to Airtel ,they also suggest me to send a copy of credit card statement to Airtel as a proof of transaction .
But even though I send a copy of credit card statement to Airtel they did not responding to me properly . if i register a complain to their customer care the canceled the complain or sen a faluse SMS that complaine has been resolved.
I am facinf this problem more than one month.


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