Request for termination pending since 3 months

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Reliance

I have raised a request for termination of my reliance connection on 17th March 2012(Data card no: 9393091204).

The bill for the month of March 2012 was approximately Rs.989/-. As part of the termination request, I was asked to pay additional Rs.611/-.

So I paid a total of Rs. 1600/- towards the bill payment against termination.

After raising the termination request, I have not used the Reliance services (since March 2012).

Please find the details related to Bill payment against termination.
Bill Details
Receipt: 275273
Receipt Serial no: RCIL/HYDR/2011
Payment Date: 17/03/2012
Ph. No: 9393091204
Cash: Rs.1600/-
Location: TARNAKA

I have visited the TARNAKA Reliance Customer Care centre almost 6 to 8 times. Every time I receive the same answer, we will check and get the service terminated. This has been going on since May 1st Week. I even gave a copy of the original payment receipt.

Once again, I wish to mention there has been no Data card usage on this number (9393091204)since march 2012 and I have raised the terminations request on 17th March 2012.

Bill Payment Receipt Attachment is not uploaded as I am getting the error”
Warning: move_uploaded_file(/Reliance – 9393091204 .jpg) [function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: Permission denied”

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