related order ID is: 1015915871

Location/place: Bhopal

Name of company/service: Bag It Today

Dear Sir/madam I have order tour package from the Bag it today at the time of booking what the things was communicated to me not available in website so at the time of confirmation call I denied for the services, same day agent called me up again and requested that, website was not updated please continue you will get all details in welcome kit, but when I receive the same, nothing was there the same website reference given in the booklet, and free gift communicated sunglasses approx worth Rs.2000, but it was not provided in welcome kit, so I returned back the order on 24/3/2011,on 26/3/2011 it was received by concern person , I also got confirmation though the mail , and commitment was given 8-10 day money will refund but I dint receive yet.


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