Migration Cheating

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Airtel


I am a cheat-victim of Airtel-Karnataka.

I had two mobile connections, one Airtel-Postpaid and other Vodafone-Prepaid, and I wanted to migrate my Vodafone no to Airtel because of a certain plan I was getting in Airtel Postpaid.
During my communication to Airtel before Migration, I clearly asked for that particular plan, and made clear that I am migrating only because of that plan, and would not migrate if they could not give me this plan. They never denied and I migrated.

After migration, they said they have withdrawn the said plan from the market, however I am still enjoying the same plan on my other Airtel connection. This is ridiculous to say they have withdrawn the plan from market, but still working on my another connection. Not only this, the same plan my cousin also have.

Now the extreme sad story. My bill used to come around 400/- a month in Vodafone a month, and with Airtel its more than 1500 a month. I am a big time looser.

Can someone suggest me how can I drag Airtel to Cosumer Forum (I have all the mails with me prior to migration?

Thanks & Regards,
Abhinaw Sachan


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