Relaince Broad Band and Reliance energy

Location/place: Pune

Dear Sir,
I want to complain about Reliance Industries, I had problem with Reliance energy and Reliance Broadband

First Let me talk about Reliance Enery, We have a office in Mumbai where reliance energy is the provider for
Electricity, Our Owner has cheated us and gave a meter for Home use and finally after a year some reliance people came to our office and they charge us for using home meter for commercial purpose, They charge us around 1.75 Lakh, when when I tried to get details about this bills or how they have charge us nobody has the clue, Customer care dont know anything about this they are just asking us to pay the bill, I dont know why we dont have the right to get the details about our bills

Second is our internet broadband , we have one of my office in Mumbai where we tried to have a internet, we paid them installation money of around Rs 10,000 but due to some problem the connection was not given to us
Now from last one year we are trying to get our money back , its not about money but the way this people are doing business really hurts me

We also have office in Pune where we are using reliance broadband, Since we have a broadband for business I thought they will help us and they guaranty that whenever there is problem they will sort it out in 24 hrs but they take arounf 5 days to solve the problem when I ask for waiver they said we cannot give you , but when there is delay in bill payment for 2 days they will charge you for that

I think this company is really curse on India and they just want to make money and all indian are helpless and they have to do the business under them as they control everything and we are dependent on them


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