Regarding increased call charges.

From few I was observing that my balance was getting over too early as when I made a call. Then I checked that what are the normal call rates I am charged. I was shocked by two things.
1.) I was being charged more than the call rates mentioned.
2.) For trial I called 9923516730 (my no) to 7276879866 (docomo). As according to you normal rate for L to L mobile is 1.2p/sec. When I made a call to these number for exact 2 sec according to rate bill becomes 2.4paise but I was shocked I was being charged for 3 sec and more than the call rate 5paise. So I request you check the same as this is a very serious matter. Please adjust the rates and I want compensation for my number or else I will be going to TRAI and put a case on you.


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