Refund status not recieved against cancellation

Location/place: Secunderabad

Name of company/service: Prajay Engineers Syndicate Ltd

Dear Sir/Madam

It is to inform that in my wife Name -Nidhi Garg , I have booked studio apartment( Apartment no: 204 /496 & 497 in Prajay water fronts, Hyderabad ( Project of Prajay Engineers Syndicate Ltd) .As per the agreement total cost of the property is 9.75 lacs .

Last total installment paid by us was total 2.95 lacs and it is matching with builder records .

Since we have not got the possession of the said project in lieu of the agreement , we have given request for cancellation in Dec,11-Jan ,12 to builder asking for refund of 2.95 lacs amount .

And personally handover the cancellation request to the director Mr. Sumit Sen of Prajay Engineers syndicate Ltd in January ,12 .He has acknowledged the letter but till now have not process the cancellation request/refund amount .

Pls. find the trail mail on the follow up done with the said authority of the developer on regular basis but all is going into vain as confirmation not received .

Henceforth , we request you to pls. interfere & suggest the way forward .

Anuj Garg

National Sales Manager

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd




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  1. One of the Victim Avatar
    One of the Victim

    I don’t know how did you find the staff’s response from Prajay. But for me it is a bitter experience with these people. Till you purchase the flat they will be behind you when’s free booking te flat these guys response is quite aweful. When I request some information Sumit Sen treated me as if we are working under his pay roll and As if I am his servent. He doesn’t even know how to speak to a customer. I don’t know how come Prajay appointed him as a Director. He will only fot to manage FMCG saff but not professional interms of dealibg with customers. When their sales manages promised me to allocate a second car parking he denied but In front of me he called some one who is requesting for a second car parking he allocated to them.

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