Chargeable Service Activated

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Idea

Sir/Mam, My mobile number is 099521996 my account has been debited at several occasion with Rs 30 to 100 don’t know why. When i call the Idea customer care they say there is no chargeable service on the account apart from caller tune which i requested. I receive several messages saying i have been charged for “Idea Mall” which i did not subscribe for. Today I again called Idea and the agent was too rude and also hung up the call on me. Also, at several occasions I have been asked to call back as their systems are down. They place the call on hold without my consent not sure what action I should take to get my issue resolved so, I believe send this request is a wise decisions. This was insulting even when I have been robbed without my consent. Sir/Mam, I request you to please the required action and help me. Hope this explains my situation to you. Thanks in advance


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