Refund of Money For That Period the student didnot wish to continue any more.

Dear Sir,

My son took admission in Brilliant Tutorials situated in Delhi in Board cum 2 year Classroom + IIT/JEE coaching. For which i was told to deposite a sum of Rs. 60000(approx.) as a lumpsum amount with a promise to shape the carrier of my child to be an future engineer. The Course offered consists of giving classroom teaching of cbse board exams for class XIth and XIIth and plus IIT/engineering related coaching side by side. When they gave the admission, an admission test too was conducted in which my son was selected.

After depositing the total fees for 2 years, it was told that the classes will start in the very month i.e.July-09. When i approached the institue it was told that the classes will start from the first week of August-09. Again when i approached the institue it was told that the coaching class of your son will start from third week of August-09 and about 5% of syllabus of CBSE book will not be taught (As per institute the chapters are not difficult and not important). Sir my son missed his complete one month valuable time on the wishes of institute. (At that time also i complained about the lapse and 5% syllabus, but they didnt paid any attention).

Any how the classes started from the last week of Aug-2009. And from there onwards it came as bothering and punishing time for my son. He started runing with the classes in the institute no matters he is understanding the topic or not. The topics choosen and taught was told that this is an IIT/JEE syllabus. They did’nt paid any attention to the Board cum two year class-room programme. They selected the topic according to their ease. Even they dropped a few saying not needed or not important.

Finally that happened which i and my son didnt expected to happen. Inspite of his best efforts his result declined very sharply. I complained the same verbally on phone with the institute saying why this is happening, the institute paid no attention and without going deep into the problem they simply said that he may equire about his problems in the SDCC (Student Doubt Clearing Cell).

Sir even than my son continued saying he will manage and do his best. After one year the institute conducts a resuffling test in whole delhi and makes the batches according to the IQ level of the students. My son which was originally in the fith batch was transferred to the second batch. After that again classed started in full swing. Again after 1 month the institute took an test saying this is a PROGRESS TEST in which they shifted my child to third batch saying he is not competent to study in second batch. This broke my child from the mind and soul in which he complaint about the chapters which were still running in second batch has already finished in third batch. Again this time the institute paid no attention and said this is the policy of the institute to shift any student to any batch as per his caliber and at any time.

Sir, this was the phase where my son started weeping and saying to me that DAD i am not going to continue with the institute as they are not paying any attention to the actual problem i am facing in the institute. I too approached the institue saying the problem they didnt listen to me. I tried to contact the officials but in no vain. Even i told them that they will have to answer my questions and repent for what they have done with my child, they openly told to me to go any where i wish to go, we dont care if u go to court or consumer forum.

Later i came to know that this is not the case of my son alone. I was told that every year nearly 40% students enrolled in 2year Board cum coaching programme choose to drop the institute after one year. AND THIS THEY KNOW VERY WELL. THE EARNING FROM ONE STUDENTS FOR COMPLETE ONE YEAR IS AT LEAST Rs.30,000 (IT MAY BE MORE). SO THEY CHEAT NEARLY Rs.30 Lakh FROM ONE PROGRAMME AND FROM ONE CENTRE, THE HARD EARNED MONEY OF PARENTS.

Sir there are so many querries in my mind to ask …..

1. Should i keep my mouth shut and accept it as my fate?
2. Can this question can be taken in consumer forum?
3. What about the Valuable Time and Money waisted solely due to institute?
4. What about the rule they frame that once admission taken and fees deposited, there will be no refund of money what so ever of any kind challanging by saying that go to any court or forum?
5. What about we middle class families whose future is swayed away by such irresponsible institutes?


2 responses to “Refund of Money For That Period the student didnot wish to continue any more.”

  1. krishna kumar tiwari Avatar
    krishna kumar tiwari

    Correction in the Post Refund of Money for that period the student did not wish to continue any more….

    Please read July-09 as July-08 and August-09 as August-08.
    my email id is [email protected].


  2. Rajeev Kumar Avatar
    Rajeev Kumar

    Brilliant Tutorials is in the business of cheating. I enrolled my son for postal course, after paying a heavy amount which they take in full. All that they do is periodically send some pre-printed books that contain materials which can be found in several books available in the market.

    I think it is time the government takes stern action to close down such cheating organizations.

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