Dear Sir/Mam , My name is Amrita Priyadarshini. I went to my nearest NIIT Salt Lake Center branch in Kolkata. I had gone their to inquiry about OCA certification examination .There I met with Ms Trishani , she told me that the price of the OCA certification is Rs 11,600/- . In order to clear the OCA certification exam we need to clear 2 exams . When I went to the NIIT center, I was told that the examination fees of the OCA certification is Rs 11,600/- .. I am a working professional in a reputed company of India . My company provide the same OCA certification in only Rs 8000/-. . When I learnt from Trishani that the examination course fees is Rs 11,600/- I thought that they are providing the complete certification in Rs 11,600 . On 6/3/15 . I paid Rs 11096/- by card for the OCA certification and the study material for it was sent to my gmail id. When i checked the study material I saw that the study material was provided for PART 1 of the OCA examination. I mailed the concerned person for the study material of PART 2 of OCA Exam. Then I came to know that they had registered my name for only PART 1 of the examination.

I was never told during my first meeting with Trishani that the Course fees that they were quoting was only for one part of the exam. It is completely unethical from the Organisation point of view that they will not provide the complete information to the customer. They have not told me anything that they are taking money for one part of the exam . The receipt form that they have given me states that the money is non refundable also in the Receipt form they have just mentioned money taken on behalf of Oracle Exam . If they are taking money for Part 1 of the exam then they should also mentioned that clearly in the receipt . They have kept the information hidden leading to such big issue

Now, I want my entire money to be refunded. Please look into my issue and send me a possible solution of getting my entire money back.

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