On 18 February i went online and opened this website “” to order flowers for my friend. on the website they have a chat facility where you can ask anything about the delivery, cost, time preference. I wanted the flower to be delivered the very same day and before a particular time i mentioned. I even enquired that do i have to pay extra for the express delivery so the person on the chat said ” i will take care of the delivery”. So placed the order but the order did not came on time, also when the person called , i straight away said that i do not want the delivery as he told me it will take more than 2 hours to deliver it. The purpose to surprise my friend was wasted. Also when i complaint, the lady on the phone talked very rudely and told me that she does not wants a costumer like me. So now i want my refund. If they dont want a customer like me then do no keep my money too. I have called them so many times about the refund they just say they will give me credit, which i informed that “i dont want it as i dont want anything from there website in future” and they kept promising me that will call me back and let me know. Today on 20 march i called up and asked about the same, the person straight away said we cannot give you your refund but just the credit. I just want my exact money i.e Rs 900. I can give away Rs 900 to anyone but not to someone who i had a bad experience in terms of service.

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