Fraud transaction

This is to notify you that HDFC bank is playing with my account:

HDFC is a fraud bank!!! I have been cheated with fraud transaction of INR 10000 and have been given TAT of 48 hours for refund of the amount, 72 hours and now 7 days. 7 days have passed, my only salary account is blocked, card blocked, and absolutely no action has been taken, today the bank branch manager aware of these kind of frauds tells me that chances are blur that I get back the refund.
Actions taken till now:
1) Physical complaint filed from nearest branch(Complaint number- MUMC0315150896)
2) FIR lodged in Police Station( FIR number- 0483/2015)
3) 100s of calls done to customer care and been given extended TATs, kept on hold for 45 minutes and even more shared mails with dispute redress team)
What is my fault here? What about all the harassment I am facing? This is the only account I hold, unable to do even a single transaction.

I am at a Senior position in Airtel and nobody is helping me!

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