Hi. I purchased MOTO G in July. The phone was working just fine till last week and then it went just haywire. The screen got all black. I went to the service center and they said that new update has screwed the motherboard (1.COMPANY UPDATE CREATED THE PROBLEM) so we need to change the motherboard. I Said OK but give me an alternate by the time so that I can continue with my work. But I got big NO!)(2 NO STAND BY PHONE). The service center was just crazy with people yelling around, arguing and more stupid stuff. They replaced the motherboard and I got my phone back at home. Now this phone doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi properly, it’s impossible to integrate my mail in phone, true-caller doesn’t work and many other problems (3 PHONE NOT PROPERLY FIXED). I again went to center, They made me wait for 2 hours and finally came and said now your problem is fixed which is actually not fix. (4 FRUSTRATION IN GOING TO CENTER AGAIN AND AGAIN AND WAITING). (5.NOT TO MENTION WASTAGE OF TIME AND MONEY). It’s been now 17 days and my phone is still in service center. When I asked when it will fixed the answer was “we are waiting for the part from company and we have no idea how much time it would take so we cannot say anything”. When I try to call service center in order to know the status nobody answer the call so ultimately I have to go to center just to know the status.

Definitely I would like to have new MOTO G and if possible I would like to upgrade the phone into MOTO X for all the inconveniences and discomforts I have been through. Not only that the wastage of time, money and frustration as well.

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