Poor After sales Service for Nokia Mobile Device

Location/place: Thane

Name of company/service: Nokia

Dear Sir,
The Nokia mobile device I’ve been using since 2007 is a faulty device and I am continuously feeling cheated in terms of after sales services and been looted after the warranty period has expired.
Device Name: Nokia 5220 express music.
At this moment my handset is in the possession of Nokia care center: Elite Care, Mumbai, 117/118, Tridev Shopping Mall, Bhakti Marg, off. LBS Marg, Mulund (West), Mumbai-80 since October 2011.
The service center authorities are demanding me a letter which would permit them to repair the device and they wouldn’t be responsible for any damage to the device. They even say that the device is incurable and ask me to temporarily fix it from local mobile repair man and sell it to somebody else.
This is disgusting and humiliating service advice I’ve got from such a reputed firm.

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