Location/place: 102

Name of company/service: Indiatimes online shopping

I had ordered a 1GB gaming device with FM radio and camera with order no. 112278171 in March 2010. When I received the gadget I found it was not having many features mentioned on the site like FM radio. The value of the package was mentioned as Rs 800 instead of about Rs 3000 I had paid.
I wrote back refusing to accept. I was promised action and was requested to return. But the product sent to me again was exactly the same one. It was actually the same piece!!
I requested to return and refund my money. Though my request was accepted but I was again sent the same piece!
So it happened 3 times before the company agree once again to refund. Even after agreeing to refund and having sent mails to this effect no refund has been made so far.
So Indiatimes has cheated me of Rs 3000.
I have yet to receive a response from them. They should be made to refund my money immediately and be penalised strictly for indulging in cheating and fraud.


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